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Domestic Surveillance

Protect Your Loved Ones

Domestic surveillance refers to those private investigations that correlate with personal, at-home issues. Not only does it cover the most common scenario, adultery, but it also deals with child support, child custody, missing persons, personal background checks, alcohol/drug abuse, child abduction, harassment, home security petty theft, fraud and essentially anything and everything related to your personal life. Domestic surveillance is basically a discreet method we use to detect improper (and at times criminal) behavior, so as to ensure your family’s overall well-being.
Furthermore, what with over 30 years of experience behind us as St Louis investigators, we at AAA American Professional Investigations are more than sensitive to the emotional nature of such investigations and therefore work tirelessly to obtain the information required as quickly and quietly as possible.
Domestic surveillance involves private investigation that deals with issues that are personal or experienced at home. Domestic investigation will assist you in avoiding the occurrence of theft and fraud, as well as other forms of criminal glitches in your home. Domestic investigation covers adultery, child custody, child support, personal background checks, missing persons, child abduction, alcohol/drug abuse, harassment, fraud, home security, petty theft and anything related to individual’s personal life. Domestic surveillance is a discreet way of detecting improper (sometimes criminal) behavior, to ensure that your family is secure.
Using our 20 years of experience in the investigative field, we work tirelessly to get the critical information that is needed with urgency and discretion.

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