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Domestic Surveillance

Domestic surveillance refers to those private investigations that correlate with personal, at-home issues. Not only does it cover the most common scenario, adultery, but it also deals with child support, child custody, missing persons, personal background checks.

Business Surveillance

Business or corporate surveillance pertains to those problems experienced at the work place. It covers employee theft, misconduct, absenteeism and fraud, as well as the protection of corporate assets, the screening of potential clients.

Process Server

One service that most people are unaware that private investigators offer is that of the process server. Every single one of our investigators at AAA American Professional Investigations is trained to deal with court documents and processes.

Forensic Investigation

For every case we pursue, our investigators rely on the best technology available to capture as much evidence as possible. We possess the capability to investigate anything from hard drives to fax machines, digital answering machines, mobile devices, cameras and more.

Cost-efficient, Effective, Comprehensive Investigative Services

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